"Running Home Again"  was recorded at Abbey Road Studios on January 5th 2013

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Sample 1: Dragonflies
Sample 2: The Dutchman

The prospect of recording at Abbey Road was at first intimidating. As amateur musicians and singers it was quite something to think we were standing in the same space, singing into the same microphones as some of the greatest ever recording stars on the planet - Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones, The Beatles and Eric Clapton and, more recently, bands like Maroon 5. We were determined to do justice to the environment and the great opportunity we had been given.

We decided to focus on a dozen or so songs that were either long-time stalwarts in our repertoire but also bring something new. Dragonflies, Birds & Ships and Only Remembered are great songs that we learned specially for the occasion. We also wanted to record songs where the band members could really add something special (like Paul's Banjo on Dragonflies, Alex's Trombone on Wayfaring Stranger or the four-part harmony vocals on Only Remembered).

We chose to record the album "live" which means that rather than isolate each of the musicians in separate booths and record their parts separately, we gathered as an ensemble in the centre of the recording space and recorded it simultaneously very much as if we were playing the songs for an audience at a gig. We hope the result is a warmer more intimate sound.

The sound was engineered by Chris Bolster assisted by Paul Pritchard.

Afterwards, some re-mixing and Mastering was done by Marc Reeves at Mixit Studios in Nottingham

Track Listing (Notes by Lochlain)
1.  Clare To Here (Ralph McTell)
I lived my youth on the Limerick-Clare border and emigrated to UK in 1984. It is the first song I ever sang in public in the UK (in a pub in Shrewsbury!

2.  The Picture  (Loudon Wainwright III) 

“A brother needs a sister “ and I have three - Carmel, Joanne & Ciara. This is for them – “because they think he’s wonderful when he is not so sure”

3.  The Call & The Answer (Phil Colclough)
We learned this, by request, to sing at a friend’s wedding in Germany. It’s based on a D. H. Lawrence poem. This is for Christian & Connie.

4.  Katie (Jimmy MacCarthy)

We love the songs of Cork songwriter Jimmy MacCarthy and this is the first one that became a stalwart in our repertoire.

5.  Wild Mountainside  (John Richard Douglas)

A favourite, from an Eddi Reader album.  It reminds us of holidays around Fort William & Glencoe where “beauty is within grasp."

6.  White Winos (Loudon Wainwright III)

This is for my mother whose preferred tipple is actually vodka!

7.  Dragonflies (Boo Hewerdine)

Another song learned from Eddi Reader 's singing about how precious life is – “soon as we’re here, we disappear like dragonflies". This is for Marjorie, David & Sarah-Jane. 
8.  Wayfaring Stranger (Traditional)
One we just love to sing and play with gusto! Fun in the studio - the Lyttle family in full flow! Dominic & Alex's Trombone and Violin adding a new dimension to an old favourite.

9.  Perhaps Love  (John Denver)
We sang this at our Wedding. Our parents, Jack & Nellie and Eugene & Sheila have been married for more than 50 years. This is for them, with love.

10. The Dutchman (Michael Peter Smith)

A song about dementia and that in-sickness-and-in-health real love that never dies. For my friend Cormac and all whose lives are touched by Alzheimer's.

11. The Lark in the Clear Air (Traditional)

This song brings to mind Sunday morning RTE radio and the presenter Ciarán MacMathúna – it was his signature  tune.

12. Only Remembered (Traditional)

A great old song brought to life here by Paul, Dominic and Alex on harmony vocals.  For Sadie, Joe, Owen & Nell who brought wonder to my childhood – gone but not forgotten.

13. Birds & Ships (Woody Guthrie & Billy Bragg)

One I've wanted Máire to sing for years. It finally happened for this record. Heart-stoppingly beautiful!

14. You’ve got a Friend (Carole King)

A fitting end song - for all our friends and  for all those who support  people with Parkinson’s or Alzheimer's. (Paul Hayman on vocals & guitar).